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After Treatment (Retainers)

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Your orthodontic journey is not completely finished after you have completed your orthodontic treatment. At the end of your treatment, you will need retainers to hold your teeth in their new position. As we age, our bone structure changes, our teeth will shift as well. The retainers will help to control this shifting, which occurs naturally.

In our practice, we recommend removable as well as fixed retainers.

Removable retainers are custom made plates made of plastic with or without metal wires. Clear plastic retainers are much less visible than braces. Removable retainers are to be worn as instructed by the orthodontists.

Fixed retainers are wires that are attached to the back of your front teeth. They help to prevent shifting of your front teeth.

The orthodontist will prescribe the retention plan that is most suitable for you. In the first few months, the risk of teeth shifting is very high. Removable retainers are usually worn full-time during this period of time. Thereafter, the removable retainers are generally worn at night time only. If you wish to keep your teeth in good alignment, you should choose to sleep with your retainers for the rest of your life.

Having the retainers in your mouth may affect your speech during the first few days. We recommend practice reading out loud and speaking as much as you can. Most people will be able to speak normally within days.

It is normal to find yourself producing extra saliva at first. This usually goes away in the first day or two.

To find out more, see one of our specialist orthodontists for an assessment.