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Tips To Relief Discomfort From Braces

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Tips To Relief Discomfort From Braces

If you have recently have braces put on your teeth, you may experience some pain from braces or discomfort around your teeth, gums and inner cheek. Don’t be worried, this is absolutely normal. The discomfort usually goes away after the first few days.

Here are some tips to help you ease the discomfort:

1. Take pain relief medications

When force is applied to teeth by braces, an inflammatory response around your teeth is initiated during the first few days. It is this inflammatory response that results in the discomfort you experience. Taking pain relief medications, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, can help relief the pain in your jaws and gums. However, pain relievers are not the best solution as they can be addictive. Take pain relief medications only if you need to.

2. Cold or frozen foods/drinks

Consuming cold foods/drinks helps numb the teeth and gums, and any areas on the inner cheeks that are ulcerated from the braces. Remember to brush your teeth after any sweet treats!

3. Using orthodontic wax

Most patients will be given orthodontic wax once they started orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic wax can be applied onto areas that are poking or sticking out. It acts as a barrier between the soft tissues and the braces. Applying orthodontic wax to braces provides great relief to the discomfort caused by your braces.

4. Warm salty water rinses

Another simple and quick home remedy to relief discomfort from braces is regular warm salty water rinses. Salt is a natural curing ingredient. Simply gurgles salty water a few times a day can help ease the pain from ulcerations and swelling on your gums and inner cheeks.

5. Practice good oral hygiene

Infection in the gums can be a source of pain in the mouth. During your orthodontic treatment, it is important that you practice meticulous oral hygiene. This is because food particles can easily get caught under your braces and wires, and in between your teeth. These in turn becomes plaque on your teeth, which can cause tooth decay and gum infection.

Use a floss designed to work around braces, and brush gently around your teeth and gums with soft bristles toothbrush. Don’t forget to brush around your braces too, as food can be trapped under the braces and wires.

6. Contact your orthodontist

Some pain and discomfort is expected after you had your braces put on and after your orthodontist tightened your braces. If, however, after you have tried all home remedies and the pain persists, you may contact your orthodontist and have your braces checked. Sometimes, it is a poking wire that needs to be trimmed.


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