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Why Choose Us

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Below are just some of the reasons why our patients choose us as their Orthodontist

Free Consultations

Our free consultations give you as much information as you need right from the start to ensure you are making the right decision.

Specialist In Orthodontics

We are professionally trained in orthodontic treatments across all ages and for varying levels of severity.

Interest Free Payment Plans

We offer a variety of payment plans to help ease the strain on your wallet, and get you smiling sooner rather than later.

Family Owned Practice

We are a family owned practice, meaning your needs are our first focus. We are with you for every step of your treatment from start to end and furthermore!

32 Years In Dentistry

A combined experience of 32 years within the dental industry

Locally Trained

Our specialist orthodontists are trained in local Australian universities, registered with Australian Society of Orthodontics (ASO), with years of experience in the orthodontic field.

Evidence Based Practice

Here at Specialists In Orthodontics we use statistics and proven evidence to support our treatments and procedures.

Multi-Lingual Doctors

Specialists In Orthodontics has doctors who are multi-lingual, to cater more patients who's first language may not be english.

Family Friendly Environment

Our practice is designed to evoke a welcoming, and warm environment to help your family feel at home and as comfortable as possible while attending.

No Referral Required

A referral is not required. However, if your dentist provide you with a letter outlining any concerns please bring that with you for your first visit.