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Our free consultations give you as much information as you need right from the start to ensure you are making the right decision.

We are professionally trained in orthodontic treatments across all ages and for varying levels of severity.

We offer a variety of payment plans to help ease the strain on your wallet, and get you smiling sooner rather than later.

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You have always wanted straight teeth and a beautiful smile. So, why wait? It is a common misconception that getting your teeth straightened involves a great deal of discomfort and cost a fortune. That is not true! With the advancement of treatment technologies in braces and Invisalign, together with affordable payment plans, getting that beautiful smile is far more affordable and achievable than you think.

At Specialists In Orthodontics, we are proud to offer modern braces as well as aesthetic treatment options, such as Invisalign, Clear Ceramic Braces, and Lingual (hidden) Braces, so that you can smile with confidence during your smile transformation.