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Jaw Surgery

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When the upper and lower jaws are not aligned, orthodontic treatment alone may not correct the alignment of teeth. In these situations, corrective jaw surgery in conjunction with orthodontic treatment may be indicated to place the jaws and teeth in their correct position.

Jaw surgery corrects minor and major dental and skeletal abnormalities. Orthognathic surgery includes the correction of malaligned upper and lower jaws, and often other structures such as the chin and cheek bones. The primary goal is to correct your function, improving speaking, chewing, and breathing. Often this procedure can also dramatically enhance your appearance.

At Specialists in Orthodontics, our team of experts (which include the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and your dentist) will guide you on your orthodontic and surgical requirements to achieve the best outcomes.

To find out more about corrective jaw surgery, see one of our specialist orthodontists for an assessment.

To find out more about Jaw Surgery,
see one of our specialist orthodontists for an assessment.