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Do Braces Hurt?

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Do Braces Hurt?

One of the most commonly asked questions during a potential patient’s first orthodontic visit is ‘Do Braces Hurt?’. Well, you can rest assured that the discomfort from braces is manageable. This article will outline what to expect when you get braces put on.


Placement of Braces

Just before the orthodontist place the braces on your teeth, a cheek retractor will be placed to retract your cheek slightly away from your teeth. You may feel a slight pull on your cheek during the process. You should not feel any pain while the orthodontist is giving your teeth a rinse and dry. Same applies, when you have the braces positioned onto each individual tooth nor when the assistant applies a blue LED light to set the braces on your teeth. Once the braces are in place, the orthodontist will engage the wires to the braces. Discomfort on your teeth don’t usually start at this stage.


First Few Days After Placement of Braces

During these first few days, you teeth may start to feel uncomfortable. Not only because your teeth are starting to move and align themselves, you are probably still getting used to having braces and wires on your teeth. All these factors, may contribute to the initial discomfort that you will experience.

When force is applied to teeth by braces, an inflammatory response around your teeth is initiated during the first few days. It is this inflammatory response that results in the discomfort you experience. The degree of discomfort experienced varies between patients. Some patients describe it as ‘tightness’ on the teeth. Others reported they felt no discomfort at all. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relief medications will help ease the discomfort.


Regular Orthodontic Appointments

As the orthodontist adjusts and tightens your braces during regular review appointments, the teeth are gradually moved into proper alignment. You may feel the same discomfort on the first day or two after you had your braces adjusted. The degree of discomfort should reduce overtime as the teeth are getting more aligned, hence, less ‘tooth movement’ required.


Does Invisalign hurt? Or, Does Orthodontic Plates Hurts Less?

Just like braces, Invisalign, or any other types of orthodontic appliances, moves teeth by applying force onto your teeth. Teeth do not differentiate what appliance is being used to apply force onto them. As long as there is a force placed on teeth, and there is movement involved, the same inflammatory response will be initiated and discomfort will be felt.


Discomfort from braces should not deterred you from getting braces or any orthodontic treatment. Most of the time, your orthodontist and his/her assistants should be able to offer you helpful tips to relief discomfort from braces.

If you have more questions about getting braces or orthodontic treatment, contact our friendly team to organise a FREE CONSULT to speak with our experience orthodontist.